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BONK.IO 2 Bonk io 2 - multiplayer game with physics. Registration is not required, there is still a guest option. The advantages of a registered player: the ability to invite someone, you create your own new rooms and you can pump your ball completely. I have prepared 34 cards with any option you want for Bonkio 2 game. The final winners will find many levels where the survivors can win. At the end of each level, the name of the winning person is displayed on the right. Do you have the desire to brighten up your leisure time and something that is bright, dynamic and non-compelling? Then you will find a colorful ball and opponents ready to fight in the 2 game. After all, everyone wants to enter the list of winners! The large playground is full of balls. Managed by different players. Everyone's trying to complete the mission. He's pushing his opponents and cleaning up the space for himself. The winner will be the last player in the field.