5 vote, 4.0 / 5 (MINECRAFT IO) Crazy Steve io (Minecraft io) - Fight other players on the palm of the server. You play as one of the characters. By default, this is Steve, but you can choose another skin in the main menu. Some of them are available immediately, while others should perform a specific operation. The CrazySteve io game itself is quite simple: You appear on a wide area surrounded by diamonds on the edges surrounded by diamonds. To increase your level and body, you must collect apples and diamonds. They are scattered everywhere, but finding them especially at high concentrations is only possible where the enemy is killed. Your character, like any other player, is equipped with bombs. You can throw them into other players, but it slows down enough so you have to kill the enemy. If you succeed in blowing up, you can collect all the diamonds he collects. You can also find different helmets that make your character more protected on the map.