Mope io BETA

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Mope io BETA In the world of BETA the main task is to survive and progressively transition to more powerful creatures. After entering the nickname, it is necessary to decide which creature level is 1 to start the game. The choice is presented in a mouse or shrimp. The Mopeio BETA game depends on whether it starts on land or in water. It has a polar habitat genome with its own animal species. If it is close to the winter season, it will be present and gain the required amount of mass. The total has added more than 20 species, from small rabbits to huge black dragons, divided into 16 levels. There are various foods scattered around the map, but you can only eat something that is circled in bright green. Edible fruits and plankton. After gaining a certain mass, the creature rises one more level and the variety of food expands. Other players circled in an edible and bright green draft, but can hunt. It is possible to hunt for those who are circled in a red line and have to start again. Locations have holes that can be hidden in case of danger. Special skills will help in the hunting of other animals, because each animal is unique.